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LONGLIFE - "Treatment of LONG term irradiation embrittLement effects In RPV saFEty assessment"

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In view of the increasing age of the European NPPs and envisaged lifetime extensions up to an EOL of 80 years, there is a need for an improved understanding and prediction of RPV irradiation embrittlement effects connected with long term operation (LTO). Irradiation effects caused by high neutron fluences such as the possible formation of Late Blooming Phases and as yet other unknown defects must be considered adequately in safety assessments. However, the surveillance database for long irradiation times (>20 years) and for low neutron flux is sparse. Consequently the treatment of such long term irradiation effects is afflicted with large uncertainties.

In this context the availability of microstructural data is essential for the understanding of the involved mechanisms.

The overall objective of the project is to enhance the knowledge on LTO phenomena relevant for European Light Water Reactors, to assess prediction tools, codes and standards including proposals for improvements, and to elaborate best practice guidelines for RPV irradiation surveillance. In this way, the proposed work will improve the RPV safety assessment of existing European LWRs under long-term operation and for Generation-III reactors under construction, and will support ageing management and plant life extensions.

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