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GETMAT - "Generation IV and Transmutaition Materials"

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On the basis of the analysis of the running projects on different innovative reactor and transmutation systems and their related needs in terms of structural materials assessment, it clearly emerges that the focus of GETMAT has been put on F/M and ODS steels, as cross-cutting structural material choice for core and primary components. Moreover, the GETMAT project aims as well to streamline and integrate, in a comprehensive way, the R&D effort of the European materials laboratories for a wide-range study of the performance of the two classes of alloys, in terms of (i) availability, fabricability and fundamental properties, (ii) compatibility with coolants and (iii) response to irradiation, including (iv) an effort to understand the physical reasons for their behaviour under these conditions. In detail, the priorities and objectives GETMAT are :

  • Improvement and extension of 9-12 Cr F/M steels qualification
  • ODS alloys development and characterisation
  • Joining and welding procedures qualification (relevant for both ODS and F/M steels)
  • Development and definition of corrosion protection barriers
  • Improved modelling and experimental validation

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