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11 Septembre 2012 - David Hernandez Moldonado

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Mardi 11 Septembre 2012

David Hernandez Moldonado - doctorant de l’université de Cadiz

présentera un séminaire à 14h dans la salle de séminaire du GPM.

Titre : ’Development of analysis methodologies based on aberration-corrected electron microscopy applied to III-V semiconductor nanostructures’

Resumé :
Nowadays the rapid advances in the nanotechnology field make necessary a material characterization with high spatial resolution in two and three dimensions. This talk will give an overview of some developed methodologies to extract chemical information with atomic column resolution and local strain measurements of III-V semiconductor materials, from the analysis of images recorded in a fifth order aberration-corrected scanning transmission electron microscope. In addition it is explored the possibility to extend this analysis to the third dimension. Results showed here is the main part of my PhD work.