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27 Novembre - Hani Henein

The development of an ICME approach to the run out table for microalloyed steels

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"The development of an ICME approach to the run out table for microalloyed steels" - Mardi 27 Novembre à 10h en salle de conférences du GPM

présenté par Hani Henein

Department of Chemical & Materials Engineering,
University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

For gas and crude oil reserves, Canada’s ranks third and sixth in the world, respectively. Production and transmission of oil and gas are key components of Canada’s economy. As conventional supplies of oil and gas are being exhausted, new sources of energy must be harvested from increasingly harsh environments using new technologies. New challenges have also emerged such as CO2 injection for enhanced oil recovery. The technological challenges of transporting these resources from frontier locations requires construction of an infrastructure for transportation to processing hubs in Western Canada and to markets in Eastern and Western Canada and the U.S. Both production and transmission of oil and gas from these remote locations demand improved materials to ensure reliability, public safety and environmental protection.

The research to be presented in this seminar is intended to address some these critical infrastructure issues with respect to the manufacture of steel for the transmission (pipeline) of oil and gas. Some of the key issues for pipelines to be discussed are the properties and characterization of processes for the microalloyed steel to achieve the desired microstructure and properties. The research involves in part building on the long standing collaboration with some members of the GPM Group at Rouen and will be discussed.