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13 Mai 2013 - Mikhail Kostylev

Magnetisation dynamics in magnetic films and nanostructures

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Lundi 13 Mai 2013 - 10h30 : Mikhail Kostylev

School of Physics, University of Western Australia, Crawley, WA, Australia.

Magnetisation dynamics in magnetic films and nanostructures

In the recent years, microwave magnetic excitations in magnetic films and nanostructures have attracted a lot of attention due to potential applications in
microwave electronics, spintronics and sensors. Ferromagnetic resonance method (FMR) is a powerful tool to study these excitations.
Our “Spintronics and Magnetisation Dynamics” research group at the University of Western Australia focuses on experimental and theoretical studies of magnetisation dynamics in magnetic multilayers and nanostructures. We have developed a new variety of the microstrip-line broadband ferromagnetic resonance method which we call “film-flip FMR”. This method is based on the effect of the perfect shielding of the electromagnetic field by metallic materials with sub-skin-depth thicknesses. It allows one to add thickness resolution to the ferromagnetic resonance method, which is impossible with the traditional cavity FMR.
In my talk I will demonstrate interesting results of investigation of exchange-coupled planar magnetic materials using this novel method. I will show how surface and interface anisotropies and strengths of exchange coupling can be extracted from these measurements. I will also demonstrate how the ferromagnetic resonance effect in a magnetic metallic bi-layer film can be used to sense the presence hydrogen gas in a simple contactless manner which is of paramount importance for the future use of hydrogen as a green sustainable energy source.