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22 Novembre 2013 - Matthieu GILBERT

Atom Probe Tomography for advanced semiconductor metrology

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Atom Probe Tomography for advanced semiconductor metrology, Vendredi 22 Novembre 2013 à 15h en Salle de Conférences du GPM

Matthieu GILBERT, GPM Rouen

The Atom Probe is often presented as the next generation SIMS in microelectronics matching the requirement for quantitative composition analysis with very high spatial and depth resolution. The present evolution towards 3D-devices, nanowires and heterostructures grown in confined volumes, has indeed increased the interest in AP substantially. The use of laser-assisted evaporation has led to some success demonstrating the capabilities of the Atom Probe to measure group IV semiconductors and even thin oxides, with good depth resolution and composition accuracy. However, these studies have although shown that the laser parameters (wavelength, power) and light interaction are very important relative to the tip evolution, the evaporation and the reconstruction process. These problems are even more aggravated by the rapid expansion of the materials used in novel device concepts and challenge the applicability of the Atom Probe analysis. In particular, in 3D structures, one does encounter high degree of heterogeneity, leading to a large amount of limitations prohibiting precise determination of the 3D-composition distribution. These problems will be discussed through the analysis of different examples such as high-K metal gate stack, III-V semiconductors, FINs and oxides stacks. Through a number of specific test cases (InP trenches) and despite the afore mentioned limitations, the Atom Probe demonstrate that it outperforms all other characterization methods (SIMS, TEM) and provide information on growth, segregation not accessible otherwise.