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3 Juillet 2014 - Hans J. Kreuzer

Field emission and field evaporation from graphene edges

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Field emission and field evaporation from graphene edges, Jeudi 3 Juillet à 10h30 en salle de Conférence du GPM

Hans J. Kreuzer

Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada

Field emission from the zigzag edge of a graphene sheet occurs through the p-orbital lobes pointing away from each carbon atom and away from the sheet plane. Because emission is simultaneous for each atom it is coherent leading to a butterfly pattern of emission.
Subjected to high electric fields the lattice structure of a graphene sheet gets distorted leading eventually to the disintegration of the sheet due to field evaporation. The necessary field strength is in the range of typical nanotechnology applications.
These predictions are based on theory but reference to experimental evidence will be given as well.