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7 Novembre 2014 - Ana M. Beltran

3D Characterization by (S)TEM tomography

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3D Characterization by (S)TEM tomography, Vendredi 7 Novembre à 14h30 en salle de Conférence du GPM

Ana M. Beltran

Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Allemagne

Nowadays, a full structural and compositional analysis of all kind of materials is required since many properties, such as opto-electronic or catalytic activities, are related to the morphology and real composition and, therefore, potential applications can be identified. In this sense, techniques for three-dimensional (3D) studies are required, such as electron tomography (ET) scanning-transmission electron microscopy (STEM) techniques, which has been rapidly adopted as a powerful tool for these kind of analysis, even at high spatial resolution. ET consists on the acquisition of a series of bi-dimensional images which are recorded every certain degrees about a tilt axis. After that, images are aligned with the help of some specific software and a reconstruction of the images is carried out to obtain the real shape of the analysed object. In this seminar, practical aspects related to the acquisition and alignment of tilt series will be discussed.