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Contrats et Projets

GETMAT - "Generation IV and Transmutaition Materials"

On the basis of the analysis of the running projects on different innovative reactor and transmutation systems and their related needs in terms of structural materials assessment, it clearly (...)

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LONGLIFE - "Treatment of LONG term irradiation embrittLement effects In RPV saFEty assessment"

In view of the increasing age of the European NPPs and envisaged lifetime extensions up to an EOL of 80 years, there is a need for an improved understanding and prediction of RPV irradiation (...)

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Perform-60 - "Prediction of the Effects of Radiation For RPV and in-vessel Materials using MSM-60 years foreseen plant life time"

In nuclear power plants, materials may undergo degradation due to severe irradiation conditions that may limit their operational life. Utilities that operate these reactors need to quantify the (...)

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